365 Days in the Bay: Weeks 5 & 6-Playing in the Rain

It’s been raining since my arrival. Everyone keeps telling me I brought Ohio with me. I keep reminding them that if I truly brought Ohio, it would be snowing 😉 

Weeks 5 and 6 have been full of house hunting and navigating what are the essentials. One of my colleagues gave me a book to read- Essentialism by Greg McKeown. The premise was getting to what is absolutely necessary in our lives and leaving the excess behind. A daunting task for a low key hoarder. 

Up until this move I have kept absolutely everything. Door decs from being an RA, text messages, the socks from my first time at Girl Scout camp… lol okay not really, but you get where I am going. Everything. When I accepted this job opportunity I knew I didn’t want to bring all of my past with me. Nor could I! Not if I was really setting out for growth. A big reason I took this leap was to make some sense of why I had allowed things...items…collections…to be so valuable. Why was I so committed to having excessive space and and things to fill it with?

This move involved packing, and repacking my suitcases several times. Selling all of my furniture.  Sorting piles and lots of “did I really just throw that away?!” Lots of Plato’s Closet adventures and Goodwill donations.  All to arrive in CA with 3 suitcases and a few boxes I shipped. Pretty unbelievably adult-like of me! Hm! #forthewin 

In looking for somewhere to live, I have become continuously more grateful that I listened to God as he urged me to purge. All of the spaces here are super tiny and emoji big eyes expensive. OMG!

I can count on one hand the places that I have found that meet my essentials:

1.Ruby (pet-friendly; LARGE dog friendly is whole other beast!)

2. Safety (relative of course)

3. God’s Blessing (i.e. gut feeling)

4. Affordability (also relative)

5. Kitchen (no kitchenette or microwave business; yes people are paying lots of money to live somewhere with no kitchen! Smh)

6.Parking (designated being ideal)

Finding all 6 of those has been damn near impossible. Either I’d meet a great group of roommates and they’d say no dog, or I’d find a place I love that was 3,000+ per month. No bueno. I still haven’t found all 6; however, I have most certainly discovered what is a must while recognizing that I’m still figuring some of this out along the way…

I read my daily devotional this morning which reminded me of this:

Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.—Matthew 6:33

I suppose that if I swap my list around and let God lead as number one, the remaining 5 essentials will fall into place.

The rain continues. House hunting and rain have occupied weeks 5 and 6 which means I’ve had less time to emotionally exhaust myself. The sun pops up intermittently,  I’ve eaten some fantastic food, met some insanely awesome people, and even got a little twerk team night in (totally impromptu!)  all things I needed and graciously appreciated. (Thanks, God… and yes, I just thanked God for my dance-sesh/twerk team adventure… he knows my heart!)

I’ve found myself missing my grandmother which is a little overwhelming. She died nearly 2 years ago now and for whatever reason she is walking with me every day of this transitional roller coaster. Overall I’m getting better at dancing in the rain, knowing that it won’t last always. I’m dancing and moving right along. Taking a second to splash in the pot holes, while being mindful that at some point, I need to step out of the hole, out of the puddle, and move forward.

It’s so encouraging to know that even when I lend down the path of feeling nervous or scared of doing this all alone, a still small voice graces me with the reminder that I came into this world with Christ,and I will walk through every phase of life with Christ…even when I fight disbelief and resentment. There have been so many times in my adulting life that I have been convinced that God was a figment of imagination that helped people manage the craziness of life. For every moment I doubted, I literally could feel a spiritual presence hugging me just a little tighter.

Sometimes I think us believers are just a group of hopeless dreamers…but then I remember that even if that proves to be true, I’d much rather continue life as a dreamer and believing in the spiritual presence of life than to believe that there truly isn’t any”Disney magic” in this world. 
When I am in doubt, and the “rain” overwhelms me, something spiritual reminds me that all is well, and that Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1

“When we recognize that what is visible must first come out of what is invisible, we might find ourselves getting out of some pretty rough jams…”- Gregory Barrette (Daily Word)

Cheers to rain that hides tears while giving me a reason to lean into faith, remember to play, and to not take myself so seriously. ❤



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