What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I’d write for a living. I’d write and present at leadership seminars. I’d share my story. My testimony and I’d live my life out loud.

If I weren’t afraid, I’d reach out to someone who writes books and ask them where do I start and when do I get to quit my current job? I’d tell all my students to follow the spirit of Christ that’s been living and guiding them, whether it be silently or out loud. I tell them to overestimate the power of God. To have childlike belief in the universe and to be okay with the pain along the way.

I’d know that quitting my job would involve me having to find somewhere to live. Rent free for a while and away from the day to day life I’m use to. If I weren’t afraid. I’d ask someone to be my sponsor. To believe in me and provide me a place to stay, write, and work.

If I wasn’t afraid I’d work at Starbucks, and sing karaoke. I’d live in the heart of a city and I’d spend my days in between fitness group instruction classes and graduate school- or maybe a license class pursuing goals of coaching people through having a positive relationship with food.

I’d get another tattoo. Pierce my nose, and volunteer weekly at a shelter of sorts. I’d have limited money and lots of resources. I’d have a church home where I volunteered. I’d have friends that would ask me, “have you lost your mind!”

I’d eat super clean– lots of veggies and fish and the occasional bird. I’d practice meditation. I’d have these meetings with people who challenged me to try something different. I’d be surrounded by people that were committed to living life for the experience of living versus the possessions it offered.

If I weren’t afraid I would write. I would lead through the vulnerability of living out loud. I would love my body enough to take care of it, not boast, and I would love myself enough to spend time with people who made me better. stronger. wiser. and closer to Christ.

If I wasn’t afraid I’d ask the Universe to lead me to this life, or rather help me understand where this thought comes from. I’d ask the Universe to allow every next step of my life to lead me to this path. The path that for whatever reason seems so far away, yet so specifically placed in my heart.

Guess I’m choosing to not be afraid.

If you’re reading this and can help me put this into action, please post below…come what may, I’m ready to live.






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