Cierra Chronicles: Tortuguero 

It’s crazy how I’m in the middle of a Costa Rican jungle- surrounded by noises, creations, mass quantities of things and people I’ve never seen, I feel a sense of oneness with myself and what it truly means to be selfless. I zip-lined through a canopy tour a few days ago after climbing an unimaginable ladder up a large tree… Let’s keep in mind that I hated Girl Scout camp, run from flies, and avoid all things listed in the typical adventurous category.

In the midst of excursion day with a bunch of elite and competitive student-athletes, I made a discovery. I’m guessing this has to be somewhat comparable to what parenting feels like- continuously putting others before yourself, without a second thought of what I want…focused on what’s best for everyone.

I celebrate my strong sense of people and organizational skills, however, there are just some things we have absolutely no control of. To name a few: team chemistry, bathroom breaks required (lord have mercy on my short term bladder!), food allergies, travelers diarrhea, students need for adventure outside of your personal comfort zone (hello zip lining and night turtle hatching beach tours 🙈), “I’m just going to run over here real quick” moments, and just the basic prayer that everyone wakes up in the morning healthy as they came. 

These students have given me the light to a lesson God has been trying to lead me to for quite sometime… When you walk and lead through the spirit of Christ, fear isn’t an option. 

Does it mean that everything will go perfectly?! Absolutely not! It means that you let go, let the spirit lead, and know that dispite discomfort, the growth on the opposite side of blowing through a fear will literally light up your life. 

Above all things, believe in yourself. Trust your gut. Love with your full fudging heart. Cry when you need to and know that you lived. I am living. I am not perfect; I am however 100% certain that God is doing some SERIOUS growth and leadership work.

So ready to take this experience and apply it to my health journey…appreciating every day for what it is- who knows when you’ll come across your last days… Will you be able to say that you lived? 

In the jungle…of all freaking places… I found a super special person… Her name is Cierra. ❤️






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