Day 298: Reinvent Yourself

A pickle. That’s my go-to phrase for when I’m feeling somewhere in between stressed, anxious, excited, and a little eager. Some also refer to these explosive compound emotional experiences as panic attacks, but I”ll save my dramatics for later in the post! 🙂

I’ve spent these past 298 days really getting in-tune with Cierra. Who am I? What do I like to do? What does my health journey mean to me? What is it that I am really after? How will I know when I have “arrived”? What if I can’t quit? What do I want to spend my life doing and where do I want to be? What are my strengths? What are my faith and spirituality beliefs? What do I want in a significant other/friendships? Do you really want kids?! The list goes on.

I’ve spent these past 298 re-evaluating my finances, moving, rebuilding, and uprooting myself from the ground up. 298 days ago I decided that I wanted to have a say so in this life that we’re all living. I decided that I wanted to have a spiritual relationship with whom I call God and and I decided that no matter what, whenever God gave me the option of fear or faith, I would chose Faith.

I’ve spent these past 298 days on a Faith journey that has COMPLETELY rocked my world. What started as a health journey—has evolved into a special story of a young woman who found herself….What started as a health journey–has evolved into Cierra’s journey of self-authorship (yes I just went there, #shoutout to all of my fellow Student Affairs nerds out there!)

To date I’ve lost 33lbs, 10% change in %Body Fat, 3 clothing sizes, and 132lbs of pressure off of my achy knees. All of which were goals I have listed in one of my many “mind-dump” notebooks/journals. Amidst, I found a new church home, identified where I am with religion and my spirituality,  found peace with my relationship with my parents, explored growth opportunities in my work environment, open the door to having a relationship with my older sister, prayerfully decided to get this darn knee scoped (March 16th- prayers up please!), embraced the grace of a new relationship, and am taking another leap of faith with Marie Forleo’s B-School this March.

I’ve spent these past 298 days answering a laundry list of questions about myself; quickly learning that the girl that spent hours playing with barbies/stuffed animals, that the girl who thoroughly enjoyed reading and creating random projects— that the girl that adamantly believed all of the dreams that her unspeakable imagination Barney *Heart eyes*  could conjure up, has evolved into this precious creation of Christ. My reflection on my youth and it’s evolution into 26-year old me, reminds me that I’ve always worked best independently, that I love to research and create, and that I can most certainly imagine and bring to fruition the life and the dreams God has placed in my heart.

Reinvent Yourself. Take a look at who you are, right now, in this moment. Think about all of the seemingly bottomless dreams that surface in your mind and take a second to think about what 298 days later could like for you, if you decided today to choose faith over fear.

A pickle. A panic attack, an “Oh shit” moment. Believe me, I am NOT exempt from those, but every day. I come one step closer to fearing less, and living more.

Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.—Proverbs 3:17; As I go about my day connected to the peace of God, I radiate confidence and poise. All is well in my world. 2.20.15 Daily Word: Inner Peace ❤


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