Day 224: Knee Pain and Change of Pace

Welp. My first major setback. Or so it feels like a major setback for me at the moment…this too shall pass!

My knees are putting up a fight! About 3 months I was diagnosed with a lateral meniscus tear in my right knee. The doc who saw me suggested an arthroscopy surgery- would have me out of commission for 6-8 weeks if they took it out, and 3-6 months if they repaired it. Neither time window being appealing.

3 months later ( and much colder in the great state of Ohio!) both of my knees are asking me to take notice of their discomfort.

Honestly, I’m scared. I’m scared of changing what’s been working. I’m fearful of a surgery and the idea of further mobility restrictions. I’m nervous about what happens if I don’t get the surgery. I’m mostly scared of the present change that is staring me straight in the face… My situation has inevitably changed whether I like it or not.

So now what? I’ve hit a plateau with my weight. My movement is limited. And my spirit is broken. My weight is right where I tend to bail.

Everything in God’s plan is written perfectly…in His manufactured order right? I do believe that…

This too shall pass…you can, Cierra, whatever it is you are afraid of, know that the fear is the devil trying to keep you exactly where you are.



Donated some more clothes today to celebrate how far the I’ve come! Not giving up!


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