Day 113+1: I have come a LONG WAY! :)

Blog Readers! Hello! I was sitting at my desk eating my pleasant per-portioned/effective meal planning lunch when I realized how LONG it’s been since I’ve shared a piece of my story.

Let me start by saying that by the suggestion of my new trainer, I started reading a book that is changing my life, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

I’ll tell you now that if you’re a person that struggles with spiritual or New-Age type readings, this may not be the book for you; but if you are anything like me, I am finding the most pleasant peace in this read.

As it stands, from 113+1 days ago, I’m down a total of about 14.something inches and 8, something pounds. The first things I noticed? My knees don’t hate me as much and my pants need suspenders! 🙂

The last time I wrote I was sharing about nutritional challenges and really trying to find my focus outside of the gym. I mentioned the variety of feedback that a lot of friends, colleagues, and supporters have been willing to offer about different concepts that have worked for them–and how even with all that– I was struggling to find my own rhythm.

I found it, ya’ll. I found my own freaking rhythm. The trick? Listening and paying attention to your own body and having a support system that matches your health needs.

I’ve had so many trainers in my life and I think all of them served the exact purpose for what I needed most from them at that time. ALL of them have been perfectly perfect for me in the present moment of working with them. I say the same now for my current trainer who is just enough push (and that’s a HELL of a lot of push!) with a strong balance of support…throw in a large splash of genuine care= pleasantly perfect combination. Aside from my trainer, I’ve gained the support of fellow gym-goers, family, facebook groups, and colleagues all from letting go of the fear failure and owning the experience in itself.

Life God will ask you to step out in faith. Whew, has that been my testimony for the past 114 days! God will take you places where you feel like, “Are you freaking serious!?” “How will I ever afford this?” or “This is just simply impossible.”

You’ll get to those moments and then if you’ll allow yourself to hear it…to feel it… and to have tiny, teeny bit faith in it…you’ll hear a still small voice that is asking you take a leap of faith. I took the leap, hell I continue to take the leap, and would you know that I have found so much JOY in my life in doing so.

Those scale and measuring tape victories are amaze-balls (do you know they actually added that word to the dictionary??!) But my spiritual peace is priceless. My spiritual peace allows me to be exactly where I am- at my keyboard feeling and sharing exactly what I know about myself in this moment.

That’s all we have right? That’s the only guarantee is the moment you are having right now- so why do we spend so much time re-living past moments- and forecasting future ones. I am overwhelmed with JOY (not just happiness folks!) right where I am.

If you are struggling with an obstacle in your life -owning mine, they’d be depression and extreme loneliness, masked with weight issues…-finding my peace came with finding my faith and believing in my present experiences. Letting go of my story- my past successes and failures freed me to be able to live for now, not for what was or what my past challenges had been. While our stories do shape who we are, my greatest take away lately has been that the Past is made up of Past “Nows” and the Future is made up of Hopeful “Nows”. We can’t change either, but we CAN live for the moment we are in.

“Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life-and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”-E. Tolle (p.35)

I don’t know what’s going to happen later on today or tomorrow or in the next 5 years, but I do know that today. I am at peace. ❤


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