Day 73: Challenges with Nutrition

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All of the above are the repeated suggestions I read and hear about when I’m looking for an outlet for addressing my nutritional challenges. The workouts are officially apart of my day to day life. Even this morning, while completely and UTTERLY exhausted, the thought of skipping my Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine wasn’t even an option.

What IS still a challenge for me is my nutrition; as we all know- You cannot out train a bad diet.

And when I say diet I’m referring to the foods I choose to eat. I haven’t been dieting, but rather exploring food choice options that I feel are livable and will help me achieve my goals. Call it what you must? Diet is not my word choice, hm!

Thus far I’ve made attempts with a Paleo lifestyle, Carb-backloading, Weight Watchers, and a general Low-Carb approach- all of which have offered different learning opportunities for me about myself and my body. My most recent discovery, however, was how unhealthy my relationship with food truly is.

I’m sure many can share in saying that food is so often used to feed beyond basic hunger. Food’s a part of celebrations, break-ups, emotional break downs, holidays, office celebrations, office “let me just have one more reeses and I’ll make it through the day” moments. the list goes on..

Lately I’ve realized how I’ve allowed food to start filling up all these perceptively empty places in my life. I was sharing with a colleague yesterday that my post work routine is so basic

1. Drive Home. 2. Walk Ruby 3. Eat dinner?/ Mull through my kitchen for things that don’t require cooking. 4. Sleep. 5. Repeat.

That’s it. The work day comes to a close and without any pressing obligations (not that I’m requesting any!!) I come home to a couch and urge to snack until it’s time for bed.

I’ve started filling the space with a random extra walk, or heading over to the shopping center, and almost EVERY time that evolves into my eating something there and making purchases I don’t need (Hello suffering wallet and health!)

I was going for a second bout at the gym in the evenings for a while, but also don’t want to overdue it, right? Going to the gym isn’t the issue–it’s my discomfort in my life outside of work.

Let’s be clear- I’ve made an effort- I auditioned for a Musical (and got casted!), I joined an acting group, I have a part-time job- but when I was doing all these things I was exhausted. I considered switching my workouts to the evening, to occupy some of that time, but I find I’m the most productive and feel the best when I start the day with my morning routine.

Conclusion- I need some help establishing an evening routine, and I need some help addressing the way I use food to comfort. Maybe it’s figuring out a way to introduce healthier comfort foods into my cooking- sphere so that I don’t feel like I have to eat out to have them? But then I’d still feel like I’m on post-work house arrest!

I’m livinggggg singlllleee (Ya’ll better know that show!) 🙂

But I am. And with that comes a lot of wonderful time to grow and learn about myself- My spiritual space has given me peace with that, knowing that this alone time is all about me learning and loving on myself. MY challenge, however, is that I’ve always loved myself, celebrated myself, comforted myself, hated myself, and worried myself alongside food…



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