When you obey, dreams come to pass. When you obey, health is restored. When you obey, problems turn around. I wonder how many miracles we would see if we would simply do what we know we’re supposed to do. Are you talking yourself out of something because it’s not practical, it doesn’t make sense? Quit putting it off and just do it. If you’ll have bold obedience, you’ll activate His power and see God’s favor in a new way! -Joel Osteen 6/10/2014

I found this in my inbox this morning from my daily subscription to Today’s World with Joel Osteen.On almost every occasion that I read these, I walk away ready to face the day-encouraged and ready to walk by faith. This post made me straight up angry.

I’m trying to process whyObey. Listen. Do what you are suppose to do.

What am I suppose to do? Really? That’s part of the problem right? Supposed expectations of who and what we are SUPPOSE to do to be “good” people. To gain access to the pearly gates….

This concept of obedience is what makes life 10x more challenging for me– maybe it’s because I’ve always been a black and white thinker.. I was raised to know the difference between “right” and “wrong”–noting that when something was “wrong” I was suppose to address it with a “right” behavior, and doing so would give me a life of knowing that at the end of the day- I was living the life God planned for me; that doing so, would lead to eternal life that I couldn’t possibly imagine. I told on my brother for EVERYTHING…lol. OOPs. I look at obedience in the same light, and when I read that initial message- I hear that If I’m not consistently, and consciously always striving for obedience, then I’m failing God?

This is the problem.

Now at 25- I have such an monomania view on what I’m SUPPOSE to do–On what it means to be obedient— that I feel TRAPPED in this concept of being and doing what’s right all the time. I correlate Obedience with Perfection…is that the problem?

What is obedience? Can it be defined in terms of self-obedience? Being true to yourself? Who the hell am I being true to?  Who says that’s what’s Right for me – although perceptively wrong, isn’t right? I believe in a higher being– I believe in God the Father Almighty. But I do not believe that it is REMOTELY possible for me to go on with this weight of obedience. I’m human. I’m not Jesus….the pressure I’m putting on myself to abide is making want to jump ship in the deepest end of the pool (with no life vest!!)

Would I ever do that? Probably not. Why? Because I’m a black and white thinker– c’mon guys I already told you that! 😉

I do need some help though, interpreting whether or not there’s a “happy medium”–whether there’s a “gray-space” when it comes to obedience. Yes I know, it sounds like I’m looking for a loop hole…not the intent- just struggling with this area of my spirituality…

I digress. If any one knows of any young adult references that might help me process, please let me know!





2 thoughts on “Obedience.

  1. I’m totally having the same conundrum myself! Though, I wonder if I should be following my gut more than my head sometimes. My gut says I should jump into things with total trust that God or the universe will take care of me, but my head reminds me of all the obstacles and hurdles that can hurt me, so sometimes i don’t leap. Obey is a weird word, but perhaps switching that word to “have faith” can be a good substitute? I don’t have a comment for the “do what you’re supposed to do” part… that right there is just nonesense to me 🙂 If we all know what we were supposed to do, then life wouldn’t be so exciting would it?

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