You are in Charge of Your Life.

You are in Charge of Your Life.

I’m a daily subscriber to ; I love reading others’ perspectives on life changes, goal setting, relationships, and simply the different ways people approach life. This article hit home in a grander scheme– outside of the context of relationships. As you all are well aware of by now- goal setting and achievement in relations to my overall health are areas that I am after;  this article reminded me of how important it is to be CLEAR about what it is you are actually committing to. The importance of being CLEAR about what it is you want in your life.

People set goals all the time. I set goals all the time. I’ve noticed a trend. The goals that I had the clearest objective for (my educational and career journey) have landed me EXACTLY where I always pictured myself being. I honestly know that with God on my side, and commitment as my greatest energy source, I have successfully manifested my goals into my reality. Not to say that those goals aren’t starting to shift (so this is what people are talking about when they mention a quarter-life crisis…millennial upset of the century…I could go on? 🙂 ).

When it comes to my health goals- I’ve always had a motive, but lately I’ve lacked a true, picturesque vision of what I am  working towards. I keep words like healthy, and lifestyle change, and emotionally sound, and fit,. in my back pocket…. but, Cierra, what does all of that truly mean?? How am i defining healthy- lifestyle changes- and emotional stability, fitness, you fill in the blank!  This article helped me realize that I have to ask myself, What do you want, Cierra? What are the desires of your heart (News Flash: NOT ANYONE ELSES!!!) as it pertains to you.

I’ve come to terms with what the greatest challenge is for me, figuring our What the hell I want for myself. What is it? That’s the meat and potatoes of my inner struggle in a variety of areas in my life. I have a really hard time answering that question….actually, crazy part? ahem…. *in a small whisper* Deep down DEEP DEEP DEEEEEEEEP down I know that it’s not a lack of knowing the answer, it’s because some of my answers COMPLETELY rock the boat of social norms, embedded family values, and comfort zones. And some of the answers might change! (God forbid change for this black and white thinker…who allowed Gray space to acceptable anyway?!)

Now the question becomes how do I break free from myself long enough to let those desires…those goals…be released, without a fear that they may change along the way. Knowing that I am the author of my story–that unannounced to me I am in charge of my own life! (Surprise!!)

Can’t wait to let those suckers loose….So I can manifest the shit out of those puppies ;). I know, I knowww…God knows my heart ❤


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