Day 23: Exhaustion

Day 23: Recovery Day (Definitely slept in!!…Snooze you Lose)

Meal 1: Protein Shake with Banana and Sun Butter

Meal 2: 3 Hard Boiled Eggs and 2 slices of Turkey Bacon

Meal 3: 4 turkey slices with 1 slice of sharp cheddar

Meal 4: Apple and Sunbutter

Meal 5: Tuna and Avacado

Meal 6: ????

Woke up today totally intending to go to spinning this morning but I was completely and utterly exhausted. I went to the gym after my audition yesterday to shake a few calories from the impromptu “healthy baking” I did the night before. I decided to try this fat free brownie mix from Trader Joe’s- with the hope that it would help kill my chocolate cravings. I took the mix and added plain 1% milkfat Keifer and I 5.5 oz of Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt– I added walnuts (which further added in taking the Fat Free RIGHT out of there) and backed them for 25 min.

DELICIOUS. Honestly. Probably thee best brownie I’ve had in my life. 

Little did I remember, is that I have compulsive personality….I tried friends, I tried. You see, as soon as the pan cooled- I cut the brownies up into individual portions, wrapped them in alum. foil, and put them all in a large freezer bag- thinking, yup! this will limit me to one brownie annnnnnd i’ll have to wait for it to defrost so that i’ll help me decide if I really want to eat it or not.

Nope. Not at all- didn’t quite work out as planned. lol.

Let’s just say that I discovered that i LOVE frozen brownie bites. lol I had four pieces yesterday for dinner….yup, it happened. Which brings me back to why I went to the gym last night—pure guilt. and would you believe that I had ANOTHER brownie–OUT OF THE FREEZER as soon as I got home…..smh!!!!

Lesson learned? No sweets in my house. EVER. Can’t do it. Not at this point in my life anyway. Chocolate and empty calories are like a drug for me- I get one taste and it’s like you dropped cheese in the mouse trap- I caught and squished in the matter of moments!

Day 22 Recap Food Log: Boot Camp Team Training Day (Max Reps- light weight-Bench Press- OUCH)

Meal 1: Protein Shake with Sun Butter

Meal 2: 3 Hard Boiled Eggs and 2 slices of Turkey Bacon

*snack size twizzler, 2 jolly ranchers, and 3 tootsie rolls….who brought in the damn candy jar!!*

Meal 3: BBQ Chicken and Avacado

Meal 4: Tuna with Mustard and Horseradish

Meal 5: Skipped— Problem #1!!!!

Meal 6: Carb Backload: Cod on White bread with 1 slice of sharp cheddar… and brownie… 😦

I must say I started today feeling pretty defeated. Such a profound moment in reflection yesterday only to sleep in, eat brownies and feel exhausted to start this work day. I’ll celebrate drinking my water and owning what happened- while owning that I’m not allowing my emotional weight today to d-rail me from my goals. No sir-y BOB! and I got a call back for my audition! eke! 🙂 Another celebration? I’ve been so far removed from eating junk that my body showed me exactly how it felt it about by how lethargic I felt this morning! Adding to the lessons learned column!

Time to go fill this water bottle up…just keep swimming, just keep swimming….looking forward to that heart to heart tomorrow with my trainer. I need some help! 



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