Day 17: I’m Back!

Good Afternoon, Team! Stepped foot back into Lifetime Fitness, Easton this morning at 6:00am- a celebration for me in its self! (Yes, Lawd!)  Felt good to see my fellow Boot Campers and return feeling truly rested from being sick and taking some down time to recover. Let me just tell you, foam rolling has NOTHING on the Alligator deep tissue experience of this morning (#shoutout to Alex- told you it’d make the blog! 🙂 )

Day 17: Team Boot Camp Training Day (Oh dear Sally….)

Meal 1: Post Workout Shake with a Banana

Meal 2: 3 Hard Boiled Eggs and Bacon

Meal 3: Tuna with Olive Oil

Meal 4: Chicken Breast and Avacado

Meal 5: Greek Yogurt and Almonds

Meal 6: Carb-Backload (Note:Taking it easy since I’ve been “back loading” for the past 3 days to my heart’s content!) 1 Bowl of Granola Cereal with Vanilla Almond Milk, 3 oz of chicken and a small square of Grandma’s Mother’s Day apple cobbler (yummmmmm 🙂 )

My wonderfully pressed natural hair survived today’s workout!! (Ya’ll just don’t know the celebration I had in the car on the way to work NOT looking like Buckwheat from the Lil’ Rascals!) I’m going to go spinning tomorrow morning with some fellow boot campers (readers and life time members feel free to join!! 6am!) so that will be the true test of time with all of that sweating…Jesus be a fence. If I can just make it to the weekend, my hair will be back to it’s sheltered protective hair style hellooooo sew-in! and I will be free to sweat stress-free…oh the black woman woes of working out and hair maintenance….if you don’t know, you betta ask somebody!!

Feeling really good today, friends. Feeling self-inspired and in touch with my spirituality— one step, one day, and one moment closer to getting to know me. ❤


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