Day 8 & 9: Must take Supplements Consistently!

Day 8: Training Day (Pull ups with TRX bands? Oh I got this!!)

Meal 1: Post Workout Smoothie with Keifer and Berries

Meal 2: Bacon and Eggs

Meal 3: 5 oz of Tuna with with Horseradish, mustard. and Saracha sauce

Meal 4: Chicken breast and Avacado

Meal 5: Pineapple and Almonds

Meal 6: Carb Backload- Mashed potatoes, spinach, and beef tips +  remaining portions of Monster Trail Mix

I passed out early again last night- woke up at 10 highly upset that I had missed all the performances on The Voice so I politely rewound as far as my DVR would allow (Didn’t get to hear my boo Josh Kaufman until this morning on YouTube!) My sleeping has been a bit erratic lately- mainly because I’ve been too lazy to put my laundry away- it’s currently scatted all over my bed and I’ve been sleep rather UN-comfortably on the coach. NOT TONIGHT!  I WILL BE IN MY BED IN T MINUS 1 Hour. Lights out.

As far as Day (Today) goes- I haven’t felt well most of the day. I over slept and went to Spinning class late- felt fine in there but after I got home I felt super sluggish and ready to dive back in my covers- I had a pounding headache and was starting to feel a little queezy.

I ignored it. (Folks, listen to your freaking body– it never lies to you!) Kept pushing through my morning meal prep action- packing my lunch, walking my dog, and mentally checking in for the work day. All while feel like total shit. Awful. Just plain awful. I thought to myself “coffee fixes everything- coffee it is!” wrong again. Probably made the queezy EXTRA queezy… with no excitement on the side.

Day 9: Recover Day (The tales from Spinning and an Upset Tummy–yes I said Tummy )

Meal 1: Post Workout Smoothie- Life Time Fitness D.Tox Smoothie with Peanut Butter

Meal 2: (upset stomach has officially set in!) Apple with Nut Butter- in hopes that the apple would help with the indigestion.

Meal 3: Sierra Mist (Holy Hell I should have stayed home today!!! UGHHH)

Meal 4: A Sleeve of Saltine Crackers and a Sprite Zero

….and I’m certain I’m done attempting to eat anything for the evening. I feel pretty achy too and I’m not sure if that’s from Monday’s upper body workout or if my immune system is flipping me the bird. I’ve been taking a few supplements every morning (Tonalin, L-Carnatine, Multivitamin, Hormone Imbalance natural supplement, Fish Oil/Omega-3’s, and Folic Acid. I was initially pretty good about taking them first thing in the morning with my post workout smoothie- I’d say for the past 4-5 days I’ve forgotten and taken them at different times and think that MAY be having an impact on my feeling so crappy at the moment.

Contemplating boot camp tomorrow….do I go home and hit the sheets and see how I feel in the morning- or is this my body telling me it needs a break? My off day is Thursday so in my mind- if I can make it through tomorrow ‘s workout, I can celebrate the rest of the day Wednesday and all of the day Thursday as recovery time. ( I also didn’t take a day off last week…hmm…didn’t think about that…maybe I over did it. 😦 )

My thoughts. Walk that sweet puppy- pray there’s no mess waiting on you when you get home, hot tub it and call it a night (recording The Voice of course). See how I feel in the AM? Made a Chiropractor appointment for tomorrow just to see if I can get some help with getting straightened out- lots of heavy lifting and maybe not enough stretching?

Send one up to the main man upstairs for me friends! I want my mommy!!!!

*side bar- my illustrious thighs rubbed out the middle of ANOTHER pair of leggings friends. Apparently my mother calling me thunder thighs carries some significance! 😉 Until tomorrow- cheerio!

high standards

(Thanks, Gina for this post!)



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