Day 6 & 7: Holy Happy Hour…

So that Friday Happy hour? Let’s just say it turned into a “Happy” weekend. WTH! Progress not perfection is the ultimate goal right?

Day 5 Recap: Training Day (Bear Crawls and Overhead Lunges anyone??)

Meal 6: Carb backload—dun dun dun dunnnnnnn….

Happy Hour Part 1: 2 Watershed Vodka’s with limes, 8 Chicken wings

Happy Hour continued #turnup Part 2: 2 Vodka + Sprite and a slice of banana chocolate chip bread

Woke up Saturday morning feel SUPER Sluggish (mind you #teambootcamp completed quite the work out Friday)- I slept through Saturday’s bootcamp session (note to self: tendencies that happen when you abort your health mission!!). Went to a spinning class instead and then headed to work for a few hours.

Day 6: Recovery Day Literally (Spinning Day)

Meal 1: Post Workout Smoothie

Meal 2: Auntie Anne’s Plain pretzel

Meal 3: Beef tips, 1/2c chopped onions/peppers, 1/4c of spinach 1oz of chicken breast

Meal 4: Cooper’s Hawk Date Night- Blue Cheese turkey burger on a pretzel bun with french fries and two glasses of wine (smh!!)- also had had two small bites of the pretzel bread they bring out prior to your meal with some butter…deliciousness.

Meal 5: #itaintnuttintocutthatb*t*hoff #turningup #carbbackload Sweet, sweet, baby Jesus. I’ll leave it at that,

Meal 6: Peanut butter filled pretzels and lots of prayer. 🙂

Day 7: Recovery Day (Graduation Reception + Zumbaaaaa Partayyy)

Meal 1: 1/2c of fruit- 1 cinnamon mini muffin, 1 c of tea

Meal 2: Vanilla Bean Non-fat Greek Yogurt* I was starvinggggg during my work shift that afternoon

Meal 3: Pei Wei- Kung Pao Chicken with brown rice and 2 fortune cookies

Meal 4: Target Monster Trail Mix (Never again- it’s basically chocolate with a little bit of of nuts… I mean delicious, absolutely, but in this health plan???? or nah?

Summary of the tales from the weekend: I have got to get a grip on happy hour. I keep thinking about the infamous quotes people make pertaining to not allowing one mistake to completely capsize your ship. While I do take notice to some of the challenges in my eating patterns for this past weekend, I will celebrate a few notes of progress:

  • No Late Night Slice!!!
  • Kept with my goal of light liquor and no fancy mixes (just lime and and a splash of OJ!)
  • Kept track of what I was eating (regardless of how “good” or “bad” it was for me)
  • danced my butt off (helllooo instant leg workout and calorie burn)
  • I got on that darn scale this morning to face my reality of a #twerkteam weekend! hm! 🙂

Spent some time last night re-thinking through my goals and talking with myself about how what I’m hoping to achieve here is an emotional, physical, and financial commitment. I shared a piece of my vulnerability with my trainer, which I think was an important step toward continue progress. All 3 (emotional, physical and financial commitments) are required for this journey to continue to move in the direction I’m headed…not turning back. staying out of that rear view mirror and looking through that windshield, folks- I’m moving forward.

Guess what??? I’m flipping proud of myself. Ha! who would’ve thunk it.




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