Day 5: Happy Hour!!!

Let’s start with two corrections to yesterday’s meal plan:

Meal 5: 1% milk fat cottage cheese, pineapple, and berries- the cottage cheese wasn’t smelling too pleasant so I had to make the toss! ( I was STARVINGGGGG in the car on the way home from work. Starving. Note to self: need to keep an “oh sh*t meal that’s a protein, in the car and handy!)

Meal 6: asparagus, sweet potatoes, and beef tips with 1c. of quinoa/brown rice pasta (shout out to trader joes!!) and a little cooked spinach cooked in animal fat.

I was knocked out cold by 8:00p at the latest last night- my body needed SLEEP! (Sorry ruby for missing your evening walk-yikes! 😦 )

Woke up this morning feeling well rested and ready to take on Boot Camp.Um. Hello cardio burn and lifting day combined.

Day 5: Training Day (Bear Crawls and Overhead Lunges anyone??)

Meal 1: Post Workout Shake w/ Plain Keifer this time instead of the Almond milk- still waiting to hear back from my trainer about the carb count in that (11g)

Meal 2: 3 Hard Boiled Eggs and 1 slice of Ham

Meal 3: 5oz.of tuna with 1 tsp of mustard, 1 tsp of Saracha, 1 tsp of Horseradish

Meal 4/5: Non-fat greek yogurt with almonds ( I had my meal 2 super late in the day today!)

Meal 6: Carb- backload/ Happy Hour?!

Um so…yea. I think I’m going to stick to the clear stuff- all the best suggestions point to that anyway! I’ll report back tomorrow and let you all know how this goes…EEK!


(Thanks, Brittany! Super helpful in terms of getting to the best options!)


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