Day 4: Struggle Bus

Strugglingggggg today. I’m tired and I don’t know if being tired at work is translating to true hunger or boredom hunger- but I feel hungry? I’ll drink some more water and see how I’m feeling after that– ACTUALLY I know exactly what it is- I didn’t have any coffee today- caffeine is no joke friends! Don’t start drinking coffee just for the sake of “looking cool” or carrying a coffee “status symbol” (is that even real?!?) That’s how it started for me and apparently now my body acts a straight irritable fool when it doesn’t have any– noted.

Day 4: Training Recover Day (Just keep spinning, just keep spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning!)

Meal 1: Post Workout Shake

Meal 2: 3 Hard Boiled Eggs and 1 slice of Ham

Meal 3: Pulled Chicken with BBQ sauce and few mixed greens (In- office Thank you tailgate)

Meal 4: pulled Pork with BBQ sauce and a few mixed greens (In office Thank you tailgate)

Meal 5: 1% milk fat cottage cheese, pineapple, and berries

Meal 6: asparagus, sweet potatoes, and beef tips with 1c. of quinoa/brown rice pasta (shout out to trader joes!!)

I tried cottage cheese for the first time a few weeks ago and WAS NOT a fan, A friend suggested trying it with a citrus fruit so with today being a lighter carb day, I felt it might be appropriate to give it another whirl. In the meantime I really hope I get an influx of energy.

Honest concern? I need your help! Um tomorrow’s Friday. The weekend will be a real reality and so will the dreaded HAPPY HOUR INVITE 😦 !! Such a mix of emotions right? You can totally remain social, and address your better health goals at the same time right? So it’ll be a carb backload day which works to my benefit- I know I’ll be okay food wise but what about that beverage of choice?? Beer, wine, or liquor? Which is my BEST option ( I know I know, no drink at all is truly the best option 😦 ) and it always has the potential of becoming  1 round, 2 rounds, uhhh 3 rounds?? #WHATTHEHELLAMIGOINGTODO

Not panicking. I just know myself well enough to know that I didn’t spend most of my colleges days doing keg stands or getting crazy at the bars- I figured I’d save most of that behavior for a more appropriate young adult age in my life (which is now!) so tell me, readers- what are your best suggestions for getting after my results, but still engaging in a few happy hour occasions ( I know I know… I can’t go every weekend- that I have accepted.) Summer is home to margaritas and outdoor bar hangouts during the day, does working towards my health goals mean cheers to a dry summer?!



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