Day 3: Bacon and Eggs <3

Day 2 complete and day 3 in the making!

How am I feeling?

Really well! “Easy” isn’t an appropriate term but given that my greatest ongoing challenge with nutrition has been the post 5:00p hour (lack of interest in cooking after work, wanting hot food but committed to not using a microwave at home, hunger pains, etc) I seem to have something going for myself- that Meal 5 is really important and sneaking in a small carb with a protein/fat option at that time has made all the difference (Thanks, Brian!).

I was speaking with my boss yesterday about what I’m currently doing and she offered up a simple yet ingenious suggestion. She suggested maintaining my night-before meal prep, however because I don’t use a microwave and really want to eat hot food for dinner, I hold off on pre-cooking everything in advance, instead she suggested I make sure what I need is thawed out and ready to be cooked as soon as I walk in the door– to preheat the oven/grill/etc while I’m de-energizing from work (get me OUT of these dress pants!!),  take a quick walk with my-four legged daughter who barks at everything and then come straight to the kitchen to start my cooking. Literally took about 20 min and I had the full meal I had written out and planned to eat. I wasn’t starving because I had a really great Meal 5, so I was able to stand the test of time and make my dinner!

This protein is doing the trick!! Once I’ve eaten my dinner- I’m okay with closing the kitchen for the evening. I don’t know if that’s because my trainer says so, or because there’s a whole group of us in this together? Or maybe it’s my indirectly aggressive and irritating  slightly competitive side coming out and exposing me for wanting to continue to share my success story after successfully experiencing ongoing progress?? Who knows, but whatever it is, whatever the motivation to stay out the kitchen after dinner, THAT ISH IS WORKING! I even turned The Voice off early on Monday night because I was tired and could feel a new cycle of hunger/intention-less eating sneaking up on me…who does that?! Me now, I suppose. Sleep is clutch and that 5:00am alarm doesn’t sound outrageously loud and baby cousin annoying quite as obnoxious, considering I’m actually getting some sleep!

Celebration moment? I remember to take my measurements yesterday so I’ll have a frame of reference from the beginning of this journey. Also- this heart of bravery did do my morning weigh-in. Let’s just say I like my scale’s number MUCH better than the one at the gym 🙂

Day 3: Training Day (Drop it Low Girl, Drop it, Drop it, Low Girl)

Meal 1: Post Workout Shake

Meal 2: 2 slices of Bacon and 3 Hard Boiled Eggs ❤

Meal 3: Avocado, Chicken and Almonds

Meal 4: 5oz of Tuna with Coconut Oil, tsp of mustard and Saracha sauce and 1 slice of bacon

Meal 5: Nut Balls (7) with remaining chicken breast

Meal 6: Carb Backload Mashed Potatoes, 2 slices of toasted White bread, mixed greens salad with beef tips garnished with cooked spinach cooked in animal fat.



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