Day 2: About that Scale….

The first day of Carb-backloading is in the books! This was my approach:

Day 1: Training Day (Shoulders Babyy)

Meal 1: Post Workout Shake & Coffee with 3tbsp of half and half

Meal 2: Eggs and Bacon

Meal 3: Homemade Paleo-influenced Nut balls and Chicken Sausage

Meal 4: 5oz of Tuna with Olive Oil, Salsa, and Avocado

Meal 5: Apple with Almonds

Meal 6: Carb Backload- Mashed Potatoes, cooked carrots, Fish Fillet between 2 slices of toasted bakery bread, and a 1/2 c. of cooked spinach (YUMMMMMMM <3)

For the most part I felt pretty good all day- the biggest struggle was between 1:30-4:00p– also not sure that I’m a complete fan of the Tuna concoction- I’ll give it one more shot.

So that’s the first day right? Woke up this morning feeling inspired to get after day 2- went to a 6:00am spinning class (the instructor played some really dramatic music at one point and I could feel the filming crew from the Biggest Loser zooming in on my face as I wanted to burst into tears and not move another muscle- please note: the dramatic effects are my go to- I swear my life is a sitcom.

Walked out the class feeling great and decided I may want to hop on the scale so that I can have an accurate starting frame of reference for this Carb- backloading journey. Hop on the scale, Cierra, no big deal…..WHAT THE ROYAL *EXPLICIT TERM*!!! It’s up. My weight is freaking up! I could feel that cold sweat of whaling up tears behind my eyes- the trainer that was weighing me in wasn’t my trainer so he just jotted the numbers down and looked at me and started to offer feedback–taking on the visual cue from my face that the numbers I saw weren’t what I wanted to see. My highest weight. EVER. I’m in my own head at this point and cannot even initially hear what he’s feedback is- all I’m thinking is WTH and Cierra, please do not have a mental break down in front of this guy- he won’t know what hit him! I get my composure and stop the self-inflicted mental abuse long enough to hear him say ” I use to weight 295 pounds.” He said that because he could see the inter turmoil I was putting myself through. All of the thoughts of failure, wasted money, time, etc. He said those words and saw that I was now out of my head and able to listen.

His advice was sound and as God would have it, just what I needed at the moment. Focus on what’s been your greatest challenge and address it. My greatest challenge? 5:00p. Hands down. After work I feel like I could eat an entire school bus full bagged lunches. Challenge number 2? I try to delay hunger to eat at certain times versus when I’m actually hungry. I tell myself 10:30 or 11:30 is entirely too early to be eating my lunch…who says? Who says that just because the lunch hour tends to fall between 12-1 that that’s when I have to eat lunch?? uhhhh no one Cierra, but yourself! Realization that I’ve heard a MILLION times that finally clicked today (and also advice that came from the this lovely trainer) everybody has their own method. Their own- go to’s, their own trials that have worked- myself included. Sometimes i get so caught up trying to gather advice that I forget to take the time to reflect on what’s worked for me. What’s gone well. What I’m enjoying and how I can take those things into consideration with the challenges that I’m having.

What’s worked for me?

  • Written Journal Tracking ( I like writing it down, not using an app of sorts, and checking off boxes)
  • Regular Weigh-ins… I know I know I harped about the scale yesterday, but for me, the scale does hold a bit of accountability-I’ve done anywhere between everyday morning weigh-in with my Vandy trainer to weekly Weigh-ins with Weight Watchers.For now- Cierra (yes you Cierra) needs a daily weigh-in. Not in hopes of seeing the scale move everyday, but to remind myself of my goals and to remind myself that changes don’t happen overnight but do happen when you’re committed– getting on that scale for me, has always reminded me of my commitment which is why I think getting on there and seeing what I saw felt so much like a failure today. I hadn’t been on the scale in a while and I was expected dramatic changes…getting on that scale regularly can help me address and better set reasonable expectations.
  • Realizing that my body has a delayed response to whatever I’m doing!! One of the great blogs I follow (Hey Sunny!!) Mentioned how she typically sees the results of what she’s been doing, slightly delayed. Truth and also story of my life. Every week, back in WW days, that I felt like I ate really well and was super aware of my food choices, I would gain weight– and then the next week, after I’d emotionally eat through a bag of reeses, oreos, tortilla chips…you fill in the blank, I would go weigh in, and I’d be down 2 pounds, and I would look at the lady taking my weight and say, ” I literally ate everything in sight this week,  I don’t know how this happened?!” I know nowwwww…. delay, delay, delay. If I’m being honest with myself on here (which is the claim I made, right?) I ate CRAZY last week (Bag of peanut M&Ms, Mom’s home-cooked Easter dinner (YES LAWD!) and beverages of choice were not by any means being limited….#turndownforwhat!) If I can stop being Negative Nancy for a moment and take that into consideration, I might have a more reasonable reaction to what number I saw on that scale today.
  • Consistency Amen. Yes, Lord. Consistency. Any success I’ve had in ANY area of my life has been due to my consistent commitment-putting my faith in my goals/dreams/desires into action. Consistency in tracking and relying on the resources available to me to stick to my consistently committed goals.
  • Lastly, Having a Bedtime. Yup. Back to those days of powering down and getting some freaking sleep.

Again, these are patterns that have worked for ME and if you’re a reader and finding yourself in a similar struggle- maybe give one or two of my go-to’s a shot?

Day 2: Training Recovery Day (Cardio Partayyyy: Spinning)

Meal 1: Post Workout Smoothie & Coffee with 3tbsp of half and half

Meal 2: 3 Eggs and a slice of Ham (currently calling my name out of my office refrigerator!!)

Meal 3: Chicken Breast with Avocado

Meal 4: Chicken w/ Spinach Cooked in Animal Fat (don’t knock it until you try it! orrrr until you hear from me later that it’s defeating my process! lol)

Meal 5:Greek Yogurt* with almonds- 1/2 of an apple in the car on the way home from work!

Meal 6: Asparagus, Sweet Potatoes, and Chicken Sausage

As for the remainder of the day today- I am done “beating myself up” about that darn number on the scale because you know what else that grizzly bear told me? I’m down 3.5% body fat. Take that! Hm! 😉


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