Job Searching Life

Here I am! Back in Michigan after a wonderful impromptu vacation to Las Vegas with some friends. The job search was happily awaiting my return! You see, the more vague and ambiguous my search becomes, the more exciting I get. Please know that the nerves are running high, yet, there’s this peculiar peace I’m starting to feel about the journey I am on. Sometimes life just does not make sense. The plans are helpful and they give us something to hold onto; however, they are not the final verdict. They are an outline. Uncertainty has allowed me to really search through what my other interest might be. What is it that I really want to do? As a 23 year old person who’s always had this amazingly outlined planned, I haven’t really EVER taken the time to do nothing. To be actively engaged, yet allowing life to take me on the journey that’s meant for me. I’m on that journey now and it’s exhilarating. I have never been someone who has enjoyed living life on the edge, but I’m recognizing that whether I like it or not…life simply goes that way sometimes.

I can SO do this! 🙂


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