All or nothing.

Welcome to one of many stressor of my life-Greetings Job Search! I have come full circle in getting education and attaining the experiences I need to be an exceptional candidate…now it’s all in the timing. It’s all in my ability to keep writing cover letters, Keep submitting resumes. and Keep e-mailing people until the right spot opens up at the right place. Stressful. Exciting. Life Changing.

I found out today that I was starting to give up on myself– I thought that doing two interviews meant that at least ONE of these places had to love me! Right?! I mean I’m great! Wrong. Yes I am great, wrong in thinking that they had to choose me. This is one of those situations where trusting your gut versus your heart is hard to judge. I’m gut girl. I almost always go with my gut, and I thought my gut was telling me I was going to get this interview–but maybe it was just my head playing tricks on me.

Either way I’m back in the game. All or Nothing. My brother inspired me tonight to re-dig my heels in and spend these last few weeks of graduate school really reaching out to the people I have been working so diligently for and sharing with them where I see myself and where I want to go.

I have some serious “moving and shaking” I need to do. And does it mean a job tomorrow? or next week? or even before graduation? Only God knows that– I do know that God aligned people in my life today to give me the All of nothing mentality. Will I choose to be and do and have what’s best for me, or will I settle?

I choose All.



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